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Acl   Interface representing an Access Control List (ACL).  code | html
AclEntry   This is the interface used for representing one entry in an Access Control List (ACL).

An ACL can be thought of as a data structure with multiple ACL entry objects. 

code | html
Group   This interface is used to represent a group of principals.  code | html
Owner   Interface for managing owners of Access Control Lists (ACLs) or ACL configurations.  code | html
Permission   This interface represents a permission, such as that used to grant a particular type of access to a resource.  code | html


AclNotFoundException   This is an exception that is thrown whenever a reference is made to a non-existent ACL (Access Control List).  code | html
LastOwnerException   This is an exception that is thrown whenever an attempt is made to delete the last owner of an Access Control List.  code | html
NotOwnerException   This is an exception that is thrown whenever the modification of an object (such as an Access Control List) is only allowed to be done by an owner of the object, but the Principal attempting the modification is not an owner.  code | html