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public class: PKCS8EncodedKeySpec [javadoc | source]

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This class represents the ASN.1 encoding of a private key, encoded according to the ASN.1 type PrivateKeyInfo. The PrivateKeyInfo syntax is defined in the PKCS#8 standard as follows:
PrivateKeyInfo ::= SEQUENCE {
  version Version,
  privateKeyAlgorithm PrivateKeyAlgorithmIdentifier,
  privateKey PrivateKey,
  attributes [0] IMPLICIT Attributes OPTIONAL }

Version ::= INTEGER

PrivateKeyAlgorithmIdentifier ::= AlgorithmIdentifier

PrivateKey ::= OCTET STRING

Attributes ::= SET OF Attribute
 public PKCS8EncodedKeySpec(byte[] encodedKey) 
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getEncoded,   getFormat
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getEncoded,   getFormat
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 public byte[] getEncoded() 
    Returns the key bytes, encoded according to the PKCS #8 standard.
 public final String getFormat() 
    Returns the name of the encoding format associated with this key specification.