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public class: PSSParameterSpec [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

This class specifies a parameter spec for RSA-PSS signature scheme, as defined in the PKCS#1 v2.1 standard.

Its ASN.1 definition in PKCS#1 standard is described below:

  hashAlgorithm      [0] OAEP-PSSDigestAlgorithms  DEFAULT sha1,
  maskGenAlgorithm   [1] PKCS1MGFAlgorithms  DEFAULT mgf1SHA1,
  saltLength         [2] INTEGER  DEFAULT 20,
  trailerField       [3] INTEGER  DEFAULT 1
  { OID id-sha1 PARAMETERS NULL   }|
  { OID id-sha256 PARAMETERS NULL }|
  { OID id-sha384 PARAMETERS NULL }|
  { OID id-sha512 PARAMETERS NULL },
  ...  -- Allows for future expansion --

  { OID id-mgf1 PARAMETERS OAEP-PSSDigestAlgorithms },
  ...  -- Allows for future expansion --

Note: the PSSParameterSpec.DEFAULT uses the following: message digest -- "SHA-1" mask generation function (mgf) -- "MGF1" parameters for mgf -- MGF1ParameterSpec.SHA1 SaltLength -- 20 TrailerField -- 1

Field Summary
public static final  PSSParameterSpec DEFAULT    The PSS parameter set with all default values.
    since: 1.5 -
 public PSSParameterSpec(int saltLen) 
 public PSSParameterSpec(String mdName,
    String mgfName,
    AlgorithmParameterSpec mgfSpec,
    int saltLen,
    int trailerField) 
    Creates a new PSSParameterSpec as defined in the PKCS #1 standard using the specified message digest, mask generation function, parameters for mask generation function, salt length, and trailer field values.
    mdName - the algorithm name of the hash function.
    mgfName - the algorithm name of the mask generation function.
    mgfSpec - the parameters for the mask generation function. If null is specified, null will be returned by getMGFParameters().
    saltLen - the length of salt.
    trailerField - the value of the trailer field.
    NullPointerException - if mdName, or mgfName is null.
    IllegalArgumentException - if saltLen or trailerField is less than 0.
    exception: NullPointerException - if mdName, or mgfName is null.
    exception: IllegalArgumentException - if saltLen or trailerField is less than 0.
    since: 1.5 -
Method from Summary:
getDigestAlgorithm,   getMGFAlgorithm,   getMGFParameters,   getSaltLength,   getTrailerField
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Method from Detail:
 public String getDigestAlgorithm() 
    Returns the message digest algorithm name.
 public String getMGFAlgorithm() 
    Returns the mask generation function algorithm name.
 public AlgorithmParameterSpec getMGFParameters() 
    Returns the parameters for the mask generation function.
 public int getSaltLength() 
    Returns the salt length in bits.
 public int getTrailerField() 
    Returns the value for the trailer field, i.e. bc in PKCS#1 v2.1.