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public class: RSAKeyGenParameterSpec [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

This class specifies the set of parameters used to generate an RSA key pair.
Field Summary
public static final  BigInteger F0    The public-exponent value F0 = 3. 
public static final  BigInteger F4    The public exponent-value F4 = 65537. 
 public RSAKeyGenParameterSpec(int keysize,
    BigInteger publicExponent) 
    Constructs a new RSAParameterSpec object from the given keysize and public-exponent value.
    keysize - the modulus size (specified in number of bits)
    publicExponent - the public exponent
Method from Summary:
getKeysize,   getPublicExponent
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Method from Detail:
 public int getKeysize() 
    Returns the keysize.
 public BigInteger getPublicExponent() 
    Returns the public-exponent value.