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public class: RSAPrivateCrtKeySpec [javadoc | source]

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This class specifies an RSA private key, as defined in the PKCS#1 standard, using the Chinese Remainder Theorem (CRT) information values for efficiency.
 public RSAPrivateCrtKeySpec(BigInteger modulus,
    BigInteger publicExponent,
    BigInteger privateExponent,
    BigInteger primeP,
    BigInteger primeQ,
    BigInteger primeExponentP,
    BigInteger primeExponentQ,
    BigInteger crtCoefficient) 
    Creates a new RSAPrivateCrtKeySpec given the modulus, publicExponent, privateExponent, primeP, primeQ, primeExponentP, primeExponentQ, and crtCoefficient as defined in PKCS#1.
    modulus - the modulus n
    publicExponent - the public exponent e
    privateExponent - the private exponent d
    primeP - the prime factor p of n
    primeQ - the prime factor q of n
    primeExponentP - this is d mod (p-1)
    primeExponentQ - this is d mod (q-1)
    crtCoefficient - the Chinese Remainder Theorem coefficient q-1 mod p
Method from Summary:
getCrtCoefficient,   getPrimeExponentP,   getPrimeExponentQ,   getPrimeP,   getPrimeQ,   getPublicExponent
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getModulus,   getPrivateExponent
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Method from Detail:
 public BigInteger getCrtCoefficient() 
    Returns the crtCoefficient.
 public BigInteger getPrimeExponentP() 
    Returns the primeExponentP.
 public BigInteger getPrimeExponentQ() 
    Returns the primeExponentQ.
 public BigInteger getPrimeP() 
    Returns the primeP.
 public BigInteger getPrimeQ() 
    Returns the primeQ.
 public BigInteger getPublicExponent() 
    Returns the public exponent.