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abstract public class: EventListenerProxy [javadoc | source]

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Direct Known Subclasses:
    PropertyChangeListenerProxy, VetoableChangeListenerProxy, AWTEventListenerProxy

An abstract wrapper class for an {@code EventListener} class which associates a set of additional parameters with the listener. Subclasses must provide the storage and accessor methods for the additional arguments or parameters.

For example, a bean which supports named properties would have a two argument method signature for adding a {@code PropertyChangeListener} for a property:

public void addPropertyChangeListener(String propertyName,
                                      PropertyChangeListener listener)
If the bean also implemented the zero argument get listener method:
public PropertyChangeListener[] getPropertyChangeListeners()
then the array may contain inner {@code PropertyChangeListeners} which are also {@code PropertyChangeListenerProxy} objects.

If the calling method is interested in retrieving the named property then it would have to test the element to see if it is a proxy class.

 public EventListenerProxy(T listener) 
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Method from java.util.EventListenerProxy Detail:
 public T getListener() 
    Returns the listener associated with the proxy.