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class: Hashtable.Enumerator [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    Iterator, Enumeration

A hashtable enumerator class. This class implements both the Enumeration and Iterator interfaces, but individual instances can be created with the Iterator methods disabled. This is necessary to avoid unintentionally increasing the capabilities granted a user by passing an Enumeration.
Field Summary
 Entry[] table     
 int index     
 Entry<K, V> entry     
 Entry<K, V> lastReturned     
 int type     
 boolean iterator    Indicates whether this Enumerator is serving as an Iterator or an Enumeration. (true -> Iterator). 
protected  int expectedModCount    The modCount value that the iterator believes that the backing Hashtable should have. If this expectation is violated, the iterator has detected concurrent modification. 
 Enumerator(int type,
    boolean iterator) 
Method from java.util.Hashtable$Enumerator Summary:
hasMoreElements,   hasNext,   next,   nextElement,   remove
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Method from java.util.Hashtable$Enumerator Detail:
 public boolean hasMoreElements() 
 public boolean hasNext() 
 public T next() 
 public T nextElement() 
 public  void remove()