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static final class: ResourceBundle.CacheKey [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

Key used for cached resource bundles. The key checks the base name, the locale, and the class loader to determine if the resource is a match to the requested one. The loader may be null, but the base name and the locale must have a non-null value.
 CacheKey(String baseName,
    Locale locale,
    ClassLoader loader) 
Method from java.util.ResourceBundle$CacheKey Summary:
clone,   equals,   getFormat,   getLoader,   getLocale,   getName,   hashCode,   setFormat,   setLocale,   setName,   toString
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Method from java.util.ResourceBundle$CacheKey Detail:
 public Object clone() 
 public boolean equals(Object other) 
 String getFormat() 
 ClassLoader getLoader() 
 Locale getLocale() 
 String getName() 
 public int hashCode() 
  void setFormat(String format) 
 CacheKey setLocale(Locale locale) 
 CacheKey setName(String baseName) 
 public String toString()