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class: TreeMap.SubMap [javadoc | source]
   java.util.AbstractMap<K, V>

All Implemented Interfaces:
    SortedMap, Serializable, Map

This class exists solely for the sake of serialization compatibility with previous releases of TreeMap that did not support NavigableMap. It translates an old-version SubMap into a new-version AscendingSubMap. This class is never otherwise used.
Fields inherited from java.util.AbstractMap:
keySet,  values
Method from java.util.TreeMap$SubMap Summary:
comparator,   entrySet,   firstKey,   headMap,   lastKey,   subMap,   tailMap
Methods from java.util.AbstractMap:
clear,   clone,   containsKey,   containsValue,   entrySet,   equals,   get,   hashCode,   isEmpty,   keySet,   put,   putAll,   remove,   size,   toString,   values
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Method from java.util.TreeMap$SubMap Detail:
 public Comparator<? super K> comparator() 
 public Set<K, V> entrySet() 
 public K firstKey() 
 public SortedMap<K, V> headMap(K toKey) 
 public K lastKey() 
 public SortedMap<K, V> subMap(K fromKey,
    K toKey) 
 public SortedMap<K, V> tailMap(K fromKey)