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class: XMLUtils [javadoc | source]
A class used to aid in Properties load and save in XML. Keeping this code outside of Properties helps reduce the number of classes loaded when Properties is loaded.
Method from java.util.XMLUtils Summary:
emitDocument,   getLoadingDoc,   importProperties,   load,   save
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Method from java.util.XMLUtils Detail:
 static  void emitDocument(Document doc,
    OutputStream os,
    String encoding) throws IOException 
 static Document getLoadingDoc(InputStream in) throws SAXException, IOException 
 static  void importProperties(Properties props,
    Element propertiesElement) 
 static  void load(Properties props,
    InputStream in) throws IOException, InvalidPropertiesFormatException 
 static  void save(Properties props,
    OutputStream os,
    String comment,
    String encoding) throws IOException