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abstract public class: AbstractOwnableSynchronizer [javadoc | source]

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Direct Known Subclasses:
    Worker, AbstractQueuedSynchronizer, Sync, Sync, FairSync, AbstractQueuedLongSynchronizer, Sync, NonfairSync, Sync, FairSync, FairSync, NonfairSync, Sync, NonfairSync

A synchronizer that may be exclusively owned by a thread. This class provides a basis for creating locks and related synchronizers that may entail a notion of ownership. The AbstractOwnableSynchronizer class itself does not manage or use this information. However, subclasses and tools may use appropriately maintained values to help control and monitor access and provide diagnostics.
 protected AbstractOwnableSynchronizer() 
Method from java.util.concurrent.locks.AbstractOwnableSynchronizer Summary:
getExclusiveOwnerThread,   setExclusiveOwnerThread
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Method from java.util.concurrent.locks.AbstractOwnableSynchronizer Detail:
 protected final Thread getExclusiveOwnerThread() 
    Returns the thread last set by setExclusiveOwnerThread, or null if never set. This method does not otherwise impose any synchronization or volatile field accesses.
 protected final  void setExclusiveOwnerThread(Thread t) 
    Sets the thread that currently owns exclusive access. A null argument indicates that no thread owns access. This method does not otherwise impose any synchronization or volatile field accesses.