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Sub Packages:



BlockingDeque   A Deque that additionally supports blocking operations that wait for the deque to become non-empty when retrieving an element, and wait for space to become available in the deque when storing an element.  code | html
BlockingQueue   A java.util.Queue that additionally supports operations that wait for the queue to become non-empty when retrieving an element, and wait for space to become available in the queue when storing an element.  code | html
Callable   A task that returns a result and may throw an exception.  code | html
CompletionService   A service that decouples the production of new asynchronous tasks from the consumption of the results of completed tasks.  code | html
ConcurrentMap   A java.util.Map providing additional atomic putIfAbsent, remove, and replace methods.  code | html
ConcurrentNavigableMap   A ConcurrentMap supporting NavigableMap operations, and recursively so for its navigable sub-maps.  code | html
Delayed   A mix-in style interface for marking objects that should be acted upon after a given delay.  code | html
Executor   An object that executes submitted Runnable tasks.  code | html
ExecutorService   An Executor that provides methods to manage termination and methods that can produce a Future for tracking progress of one or more asynchronous tasks.  code | html
ForkJoinPool.ForkJoinWorkerThreadFactory   Factory for creating new ForkJoinWorkerThread s.  code | html
ForkJoinPool.ManagedBlocker   Interface for extending managed parallelism for tasks running in ForkJoinPool s.  code | html
Future   A Future represents the result of an asynchronous computation.  code | html
RejectedExecutionHandler   A handler for tasks that cannot be executed by a ThreadPoolExecutor code | html
RunnableFuture   A Future that is Runnable code | html
RunnableScheduledFuture   A ScheduledFuture that is Runnable code | html
ScheduledExecutorService   An ExecutorService that can schedule commands to run after a given delay, or to execute periodically.  code | html
ScheduledFuture   A delayed result-bearing action that can be cancelled.  code | html
ThreadFactory   An object that creates new threads on demand.  code | html
TransferQueue   A BlockingQueue in which producers may wait for consumers to receive elements.  code | html

Abstract Classes:

AbstractExecutorService   Provides default implementations of ExecutorService execution methods.  code | html
ConcurrentHashMap.HashIterator     code | html
ConcurrentLinkedDeque.AbstractItr     code | html
ConcurrentSkipListMap.Iter   Base of iterator classes:  code | html
ConcurrentSkipListMap.SubMap.SubMapIter   Variant of main Iter class to traverse through submaps.  code | html
ForkJoinTask   Abstract base class for tasks that run within a ForkJoinPool code | html
LinkedBlockingDeque.AbstractItr   Base class for Iterators for LinkedBlockingDeque  code | html
RecursiveAction   A recursive resultless ForkJoinTask code | html
RecursiveTask   A recursive result-bearing ForkJoinTask code | html
Semaphore.Sync   Synchronization implementation for semaphore.  code | html
SynchronousQueue.Transferer   Shared internal API for dual stacks and queues.  code | html


TimeUnit   A TimeUnit represents time durations at a given unit of granularity and provides utility methods to convert across units, and to perform timing and delay operations in these units.  code | html
ArrayBlockingQueue   A bounded {@linkplain BlockingQueue blocking queue} backed by an array.  code | html
ArrayBlockingQueue.Itr   Iterator for ArrayBlockingQueue.  code | html
BrokenBarrierException   Exception thrown when a thread tries to wait upon a barrier that is in a broken state, or which enters the broken state while the thread is waiting.  code | html
CancellationException   Exception indicating that the result of a value-producing task, such as a FutureTask , cannot be retrieved because the task was cancelled.  code | html
ConcurrentHashMap   A hash table supporting full concurrency of retrievals and adjustable expected concurrency for updates.  code | html
ConcurrentHashMap.EntryIterator     code | html
ConcurrentHashMap.EntrySet     code | html
ConcurrentHashMap.HashEntry   ConcurrentHashMap list entry.  code | html
ConcurrentHashMap.KeyIterator     code | html
ConcurrentHashMap.KeySet     code | html
ConcurrentHashMap.Segment   Segments are specialized versions of hash tables.  code | html
ConcurrentHashMap.ValueIterator     code | html
ConcurrentHashMap.Values     code | html
ConcurrentHashMap.WriteThroughEntry   Custom Entry class used by EntryIterator.next(), that relays setValue changes to the underlying map.  code | html
ConcurrentLinkedDeque   An unbounded concurrent {@linkplain Deque deque} based on linked nodes.  code | html
ConcurrentLinkedDeque.DescendingItr   Descending iterator  code | html
ConcurrentLinkedDeque.Itr   Forward iterator  code | html
ConcurrentLinkedDeque.Node     code | html
ConcurrentLinkedQueue   An unbounded thread-safe {@linkplain Queue queue} based on linked nodes.  code | html
ConcurrentLinkedQueue.Itr     code | html
ConcurrentLinkedQueue.Node     code | html
ConcurrentSkipListMap   A scalable concurrent ConcurrentNavigableMap implementation.  code | html
ConcurrentSkipListMap.ComparableUsingComparator   Represents a key with a comparator as a Comparable.  code | html
ConcurrentSkipListMap.EntryIterator     code | html
ConcurrentSkipListMap.EntrySet     code | html
ConcurrentSkipListMap.HeadIndex   Nodes heading each level keep track of their level.  code | html
ConcurrentSkipListMap.Index   Index nodes represent the levels of the skip list.  code | html
ConcurrentSkipListMap.KeyIterator     code | html
ConcurrentSkipListMap.KeySet     code | html
ConcurrentSkipListMap.Node   Nodes hold keys and values, and are singly linked in sorted order, possibly with some intervening marker nodes.  code | html
ConcurrentSkipListMap.SubMap   Submaps returned by ConcurrentSkipListMap submap operations represent a subrange of mappings of their underlying maps.  code | html
ConcurrentSkipListMap.SubMap.SubMapEntryIterator     code | html
ConcurrentSkipListMap.SubMap.SubMapKeyIterator     code | html
ConcurrentSkipListMap.SubMap.SubMapValueIterator     code | html
ConcurrentSkipListMap.ValueIterator     code | html
ConcurrentSkipListMap.Values     code | html
ConcurrentSkipListSet   A scalable concurrent NavigableSet implementation based on a ConcurrentSkipListMap code | html
CopyOnWriteArrayList   A thread-safe variant of java.util.ArrayList in which all mutative operations (add, set, and so on) are implemented by making a fresh copy of the underlying array.  code | html
CopyOnWriteArrayList.COWIterator     code | html
CopyOnWriteArrayList.COWSubList   Sublist for CopyOnWriteArrayList.  code | html
CopyOnWriteArrayList.COWSubListIterator     code | html
CopyOnWriteArraySet   A java.util.Set that uses an internal CopyOnWriteArrayList for all of its operations.  code | html
CountDownLatch   A synchronization aid that allows one or more threads to wait until a set of operations being performed in other threads completes.  code | html
CountDownLatch.Sync   Synchronization control For CountDownLatch.  code | html
CyclicBarrier   A synchronization aid that allows a set of threads to all wait for each other to reach a common barrier point.  code | html
CyclicBarrier.Generation   Each use of the barrier is represented as a generation instance.  code | html
DelayQueue   An unbounded {@linkplain BlockingQueue blocking queue} of Delayed elements, in which an element can only be taken when its delay has expired.  code | html
DelayQueue.Itr   Snapshot iterator that works off copy of underlying q array.  code | html
Exchanger   A synchronization point at which threads can pair and swap elements within pairs.  code | html
Exchanger.Node   Nodes hold partially exchanged data.  code | html
Exchanger.Slot   A Slot is an AtomicReference with heuristic padding to lessen cache effects of this heavily CAS'ed location.  code | html
ExecutionException   Exception thrown when attempting to retrieve the result of a task that aborted by throwing an exception.  code | html
ExecutorCompletionService   A CompletionService that uses a supplied Executor to execute tasks.  code | html
ExecutorCompletionService.QueueingFuture   FutureTask extension to enqueue upon completion  code | html
Executors   Factory and utility methods for Executor , ExecutorService , ScheduledExecutorService , ThreadFactory , and Callable classes defined in this package.  code | html
Executors.DefaultThreadFactory   The default thread factory  code | html
Executors.DelegatedExecutorService   A wrapper class that exposes only the ExecutorService methods of an ExecutorService implementation.  code | html
Executors.DelegatedScheduledExecutorService   A wrapper class that exposes only the ScheduledExecutorService methods of a ScheduledExecutorService implementation.  code | html
Executors.FinalizableDelegatedExecutorService     code | html
Executors.PrivilegedCallable   A callable that runs under established access control settings  code | html
Executors.PrivilegedCallableUsingCurrentClassLoader   A callable that runs under established access control settings and current ClassLoader  code | html
Executors.PrivilegedThreadFactory   Thread factory capturing access control context and class loader  code | html
Executors.RunnableAdapter   A callable that runs given task and returns given result  code | html
ForkJoinPool   An ExecutorService for running ForkJoinTask s.  code | html
ForkJoinPool.DefaultForkJoinWorkerThreadFactory   Default ForkJoinWorkerThreadFactory implementation; creates a new ForkJoinWorkerThread.  code | html
ForkJoinPool.InvokeAll     code | html
ForkJoinTask.AdaptedCallable   Adaptor for Callables  code | html
ForkJoinTask.AdaptedRunnable   Adaptor for Runnables.  code | html
ForkJoinTask.ExceptionNode   Key-value nodes for exception table.  code | html
ForkJoinWorkerThread   A thread managed by a ForkJoinPool , which executes ForkJoinTask s.  code | html
FutureTask   A cancellable asynchronous computation.  code | html
FutureTask.Sync   Synchronization control for FutureTask.  code | html
LinkedBlockingDeque   An optionally-bounded {@linkplain BlockingDeque blocking deque} based on linked nodes.  code | html
LinkedBlockingDeque.DescendingItr   Descending iterator  code | html
LinkedBlockingDeque.Itr   Forward iterator  code | html
LinkedBlockingDeque.Node   Doubly-linked list node class  code | html
LinkedBlockingQueue   An optionally-bounded {@linkplain BlockingQueue blocking queue} based on linked nodes.  code | html
LinkedBlockingQueue.Itr     code | html
LinkedBlockingQueue.Node   Linked list node class  code | html
LinkedTransferQueue   An unbounded TransferQueue based on linked nodes.  code | html
LinkedTransferQueue.Itr     code | html
LinkedTransferQueue.Node   Queue nodes.  code | html
Phaser   A reusable synchronization barrier, similar in functionality to CyclicBarrier and CountDownLatch but supporting more flexible usage.  code | html
Phaser.QNode   Wait nodes for Treiber stack representing wait queue  code | html
PriorityBlockingQueue   An unbounded {@linkplain BlockingQueue blocking queue} that uses the same ordering rules as class PriorityQueue and supplies blocking retrieval operations.  code | html
PriorityBlockingQueue.Itr   Snapshot iterator that works off copy of underlying q array.  code | html
RejectedExecutionException   Exception thrown by an Executor when a task cannot be accepted for execution.  code | html
ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor   A ThreadPoolExecutor that can additionally schedule commands to run after a given delay, or to execute periodically.  code | html
ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor.DelayedWorkQueue   Specialized delay queue.  code | html
ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor.DelayedWorkQueue.Itr   Snapshot iterator that works off copy of underlying q array.  code | html
ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor.ScheduledFutureTask     code | html
Semaphore   A counting semaphore.  code | html
Semaphore.FairSync   Fair version  code | html
Semaphore.NonfairSync   NonFair version  code | html
SynchronousQueue   A {@linkplain BlockingQueue blocking queue} in which each insert operation must wait for a corresponding remove operation by another thread, and vice versa.  code | html
SynchronousQueue.FifoWaitQueue     code | html
SynchronousQueue.LifoWaitQueue     code | html
SynchronousQueue.TransferQueue   Dual Queue  code | html
SynchronousQueue.TransferQueue.QNode   Node class for TransferQueue.  code | html
SynchronousQueue.TransferStack   Dual stack  code | html
SynchronousQueue.TransferStack.SNode   Node class for TransferStacks.  code | html
SynchronousQueue.WaitQueue     code | html
ThreadLocalRandom   A random number generator isolated to the current thread.  code | html
ThreadPoolExecutor   An ExecutorService that executes each submitted task using one of possibly several pooled threads, normally configured using Executors factory methods.  code | html
ThreadPoolExecutor.AbortPolicy   A handler for rejected tasks that throws a {@code RejectedExecutionException}.  code | html
ThreadPoolExecutor.CallerRunsPolicy   A handler for rejected tasks that runs the rejected task directly in the calling thread of the {@code execute} method, unless the executor has been shut down, in which case the task is discarded.  code | html
ThreadPoolExecutor.DiscardOldestPolicy   A handler for rejected tasks that discards the oldest unhandled request and then retries {@code execute}, unless the executor is shut down, in which case the task is discarded.  code | html
ThreadPoolExecutor.DiscardPolicy   A handler for rejected tasks that silently discards the rejected task.  code | html
ThreadPoolExecutor.Worker   Class Worker mainly maintains interrupt control state for threads running tasks, along with other minor bookkeeping.  code | html
TimeoutException   Exception thrown when a blocking operation times out.  code | html