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class: JarVerifier [javadoc | source]
Nested Class Summary:
static class  JarVerifier.VerifierStream   
Field Summary
static final  Debug debug     
 byte[] manifestRawBytes    the bytes for the manDig object 
 boolean eagerValidation    controls eager signature validation 
 public JarVerifier(byte[] rawBytes) 
Method from java.util.jar.JarVerifier Summary:
beginEntry,   doneWithMeta,   entries2,   entryNames,   getCerts,   getCerts,   getCodeSigners,   getCodeSigners,   getCodeSource,   getCodeSource,   getCodeSources,   getManifestDigests,   getUnsignedCS,   isSigningRelated,   nothingToVerify,   setEagerValidation,   update,   update
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Method from java.util.jar.JarVerifier Detail:
 public  void beginEntry(JarEntry je,
    ManifestEntryVerifier mev) throws IOException 
    This method scans to see which entry we're parsing and keeps various state information depending on what type of file is being parsed.
  void doneWithMeta() 
    called to let us know we have processed all the META-INF entries, and if we re-read one of them, don't re-process it. Also gets rid of any data structures we needed when parsing META-INF entries.
 public Enumeration<JarEntry> entries2(JarFile jar,
    Enumeration e) 
 public synchronized Enumeration<String> entryNames(JarFile jar,
    CodeSource[] cs) 
 public Certificate[] getCerts(String name) 
    Return an array of java.security.cert.Certificate objects for the given file in the jar.
 public Certificate[] getCerts(JarFile jar,
    JarEntry entry) 
 public CodeSigner[] getCodeSigners(String name) 
    return an array of CodeSigner objects for the given file in the jar. this array is not cloned.
 public CodeSigner[] getCodeSigners(JarFile jar,
    JarEntry entry) 
 public CodeSource getCodeSource(URL url,
    String name) 
 public CodeSource getCodeSource(URL url,
    JarFile jar,
    JarEntry je) 
 public synchronized CodeSource[] getCodeSources(JarFile jar,
    URL url) 
 public synchronized List getManifestDigests() 
 static CodeSource getUnsignedCS(URL url) 
 static boolean isSigningRelated(String name) 
 boolean nothingToVerify() 
    returns true if there no files to verify. should only be called after all the META-INF entries have been processed.
 public  void setEagerValidation(boolean eager) 
 public  void update(int b,
    ManifestEntryVerifier mev) throws IOException 
    update a single byte.
 public  void update(int n,
    byte[] b,
    int off,
    int len,
    ManifestEntryVerifier mev) throws IOException 
    update an array of bytes.