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public class: XMLFormatter [javadoc | source]
Format a LogRecord into a standard XML format.

The DTD specification is provided as Appendix A to the Java Logging APIs specification.

The XMLFormatter can be used with arbitrary character encodings, but it is recommended that it normally be used with UTF-8. The character encoding can be set on the output Handler.

Method from java.util.logging.XMLFormatter Summary:
format,   getHead,   getTail
Methods from java.util.logging.Formatter:
format,   formatMessage,   getHead,   getTail
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Method from java.util.logging.XMLFormatter Detail:
 public String format(LogRecord record) 
    Format the given message to XML.

    This method can be overridden in a subclass. It is recommended to use the Formatter#formatMessage convenience method to localize and format the message field.

 public String getHead(Handler h) 
    Return the header string for a set of XML formatted records.
 public String getTail(Handler h) 
    Return the tail string for a set of XML formatted records.