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class: FileSystemPreferences [javadoc | source]
Preferences implementation for Unix. Preferences are stored in the file system, with one directory per preferences node. All of the preferences at each node are stored in a single file. Atomic file system operations (e.g. File.renameTo) are used to ensure integrity. An in-memory cache of the "explored" portion of the tree is maintained for performance, and written back to the disk periodically. File-locking is used to ensure reasonable behavior when multiple VMs are running at the same time. (The file lock is obtained only for sync(), flush() and removeNode().)
Field Summary
static  Preferences userRoot    The user root. 
static  Preferences systemRoot    The system root. 
static  File userLockFile    The lock file for the user tree. 
static  File systemLockFile    The lock file for the system tree. 
final  List<Change> changeLog    A list of all uncommitted preference changes. The elements in this list are of type PrefChange. If this node is concurrently modified on disk by another VM, the two sets of changes are merged when this node is sync'ed by overwriting our prefsCache with the preference map last written out to disk (by the other VM), and then replaying this change log against that map. The resulting map is then written back to the disk. 
 NodeCreate nodeCreate    NodeCreate object for this node. 
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parent,  newNode,  lock
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childSpi,   childrenNamesSpi,   flush,   flushSpi,   getSpi,   getSystemRoot,   getUserRoot,   isUserNode,   keysSpi,   putSpi,   removeNode,   removeNodeSpi,   removeSpi,   sync,   syncSpi
Methods from java.util.prefs.AbstractPreferences:
absolutePath,   addNodeChangeListener,   addPreferenceChangeListener,   cachedChildren,   childSpi,   childrenNames,   childrenNamesSpi,   clear,   exportNode,   exportSubtree,   flush,   flushSpi,   get,   getBoolean,   getByteArray,   getChild,   getDouble,   getFloat,   getInt,   getLong,   getSpi,   isRemoved,   isUserNode,   keys,   keysSpi,   name,   node,   nodeExists,   nodeListeners,   parent,   prefListeners,   put,   putBoolean,   putByteArray,   putDouble,   putFloat,   putInt,   putLong,   putSpi,   remove,   removeNode,   removeNodeChangeListener,   removeNodeSpi,   removePreferenceChangeListener,   removeSpi,   sync,   syncSpi,   toString
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Method from java.util.prefs.FileSystemPreferences Detail:
 protected AbstractPreferences childSpi(String name) 
 protected String[] childrenNamesSpi() 
 public  void flush() throws BackingStoreException 
 protected  void flushSpi() throws BackingStoreException 
 protected String getSpi(String key) 
 static synchronized Preferences getSystemRoot() 
 static synchronized Preferences getUserRoot() 
 public boolean isUserNode() 
 protected String[] keysSpi() 
 protected  void putSpi(String key,
    String value) 
 public  void removeNode() throws BackingStoreException 
 protected  void removeNodeSpi() throws BackingStoreException 
    Called with file lock held (in addition to node locks).
 protected  void removeSpi(String key) 
 public synchronized  void sync() throws BackingStoreException 
 protected  void syncSpi() throws BackingStoreException