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public class: PreferenceChangeEvent [javadoc | source]
An event emitted by a Preferences node to indicate that a preference has been added, removed or has had its value changed.

Note, that although PreferenceChangeEvent inherits Serializable interface from EventObject, it is not intended to be Serializable. Appropriate serialization methods are implemented to throw NotSerializableException.

 public PreferenceChangeEvent(Preferences node,
    String key,
    String newValue) 
    Constructs a new PreferenceChangeEvent instance.
    node - The Preferences node that emitted the event.
    key - The key of the preference that was changed.
    newValue - The new value of the preference, or null if the preference is being removed.
Method from java.util.prefs.PreferenceChangeEvent Summary:
getKey,   getNewValue,   getNode
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Method from java.util.prefs.PreferenceChangeEvent Detail:
 public String getKey() 
    Returns the key of the preference that was changed.
 public String getNewValue() 
    Returns the new value for the preference.
 public Preferences getNode() 
    Returns the preference node that emitted the event.