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public interface: AccessibleEditableText [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

All Known Implementing Classes:
    AccessibleJTextComponent, AccessibleJSpinner

The AccessibleEditableText interface should be implemented by all classes that present editable textual information on the display. Along with the AccessibleText interface, this interface provides the standard mechanism for an assistive technology to access that text via its content, attributes, and spatial location. Applications can determine if an object supports the AccessibleEditableText interface by first obtaining its AccessibleContext (see Accessible ) and then calling the AccessibleContext#getAccessibleEditableText method of AccessibleContext. If the return value is not null, the object supports this interface.

Method from javax.accessibility.AccessibleEditableText Summary:
cut,   delete,   getTextRange,   insertTextAtIndex,   paste,   replaceText,   selectText,   setAttributes,   setTextContents
Method from javax.accessibility.AccessibleEditableText Detail:
 public  void cut(int startIndex,
    int endIndex)
    Cuts the text between two indices into the system clipboard.
 public  void delete(int startIndex,
    int endIndex)
    Deletes the text between two indices
 public String getTextRange(int startIndex,
    int endIndex)
    Returns the text string between two indices.
 public  void insertTextAtIndex(int index,
    String s)
    Inserts the specified string at the given index/
 public  void paste(int startIndex)
    Pastes the text from the system clipboard into the text starting at the specified index.
 public  void replaceText(int startIndex,
    int endIndex,
    String s)
    Replaces the text between two indices with the specified string.
 public  void selectText(int startIndex,
    int endIndex)
    Selects the text between two indices.
 public  void setAttributes(int startIndex,
    int endIndex,
    AttributeSet as)
    Sets attributes for the text between two indices.
 public  void setTextContents(String s)
    Sets the text contents to the specified string.