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public interface: AccessibleHypertext [javadoc | source]

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The AccessibleHypertext class is the base class for all classes that present hypertext information on the display. This class provides the standard mechanism for an assistive technology to access that text via its content, attributes, and spatial location. It also provides standard mechanisms for manipulating hyperlinks. Applications can determine if an object supports the AccessibleHypertext interface by first obtaining its AccessibleContext (see Accessible ) and then calling the AccessibleContext#getAccessibleText method of AccessibleContext. If the return value is a class which extends AccessibleHypertext, then that object supports AccessibleHypertext.

Method from javax.accessibility.AccessibleHypertext Summary:
getLink,   getLinkCount,   getLinkIndex
Method from javax.accessibility.AccessibleHypertext Detail:
 abstract public AccessibleHyperlink getLink(int linkIndex)
    Returns the nth Link of this Hypertext document.
 abstract public int getLinkCount()
    Returns the number of links within this hypertext document.
 abstract public int getLinkIndex(int charIndex)
    Returns the index into an array of hyperlinks that is associated with this character index, or -1 if there is no hyperlink associated with this index.