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static class: CryptoPolicyParser.CryptoPermissionEntry [javadoc | source]
Each crypto permission entry in the policy configuration file is represented by a CryptoPermissionEntry object.

For example, the entry

    permission javax.crypto.CryptoPermission "DES", 56;
is represented internally

pe = new CryptoPermissionEntry("javax.crypto.cryptoPermission",
                          "DES", 56);
Field Summary
 String cryptoPermission     
 String alg     
 String exemptionMechanism     
 int maxKeySize     
 boolean checkParam     
 AlgorithmParameterSpec algParamSpec     
Method from javax.crypto.CryptoPolicyParser$CryptoPermissionEntry Summary:
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 public boolean equals(Object obj) 
 public int hashCode() 
    Calculates a hash code value for the object. Objects which are equal will also have the same hashcode.