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public class: DHPrivateKeySpec [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

This class specifies a Diffie-Hellman private key with its associated parameters.

Note that this class does not perform any validation on specified parameters. Thus, the specified values are returned directly even if they are null.

 public DHPrivateKeySpec(BigInteger x,
    BigInteger p,
    BigInteger g) 
    Constructor that takes a private value x, a prime modulus p, and a base generator g.
    x - private value x
    p - prime modulus p
    g - base generator g
Method from javax.crypto.spec.DHPrivateKeySpec Summary:
getG,   getP,   getX
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Method from javax.crypto.spec.DHPrivateKeySpec Detail:
 public BigInteger getG() 
    Returns the base generator g.
 public BigInteger getP() 
    Returns the prime modulus p.
 public BigInteger getX() 
    Returns the private value x.