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public enum class: ElementKind [javadoc | source]
The {@code kind} of an element.

Note that it is possible additional element kinds will be added to accommodate new, currently unknown, language structures added to future versions of the Java™ programming language.

Field Summary
public  ElementKind PACKAGE    A package. 
public  ElementKind ENUM    An enum type. 
public  ElementKind CLASS    A class not described by a more specific kind (like {@code ENUM}). 
public  ElementKind ANNOTATION_TYPE    An annotation type. 
public  ElementKind INTERFACE    An interface not described by a more specific kind (like {@code ANNOTATION_TYPE}). 
public  ElementKind ENUM_CONSTANT    An enum constant. 
public  ElementKind FIELD    A field not described by a more specific kind (like {@code ENUM_CONSTANT}). 
public  ElementKind PARAMETER    A parameter of a method or constructor. 
public  ElementKind LOCAL_VARIABLE    A local variable. 
public  ElementKind EXCEPTION_PARAMETER    A parameter of an exception handler. 
public  ElementKind METHOD    A method. 
public  ElementKind CONSTRUCTOR    A constructor. 
public  ElementKind STATIC_INIT    A static initializer. 
public  ElementKind INSTANCE_INIT    An instance initializer. 
public  ElementKind TYPE_PARAMETER    A type parameter. 
public  ElementKind OTHER    An implementation-reserved element. This is not the element you are looking for. 
public  ElementKind RESOURCE_VARIABLE    A resource variable.
    since: 1.7 -
Method from javax.lang.model.element.ElementKind Summary:
isClass,   isField,   isInterface
Method from javax.lang.model.element.ElementKind Detail:
 public boolean isClass() 
    Returns {@code true} if this is a kind of class: either {@code CLASS} or {@code ENUM}.
 public boolean isField() 
    Returns {@code true} if this is a kind of field: either {@code FIELD} or {@code ENUM_CONSTANT}.
 public boolean isInterface() 
    Returns {@code true} if this is a kind of interface: either {@code INTERFACE} or {@code ANNOTATION_TYPE}.