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public interface: ExecutableElement [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    Parameterizable, Element

Represents a method, constructor, or initializer (static or instance) of a class or interface, including annotation type elements.
Method from javax.lang.model.element.ExecutableElement Summary:
getDefaultValue,   getParameters,   getReturnType,   getSimpleName,   getThrownTypes,   getTypeParameters,   isVarArgs
Method from javax.lang.model.element.ExecutableElement Detail:
 public AnnotationValue getDefaultValue()
    Returns the default value if this executable is an annotation type element. Returns {@code null} if this method is not an annotation type element, or if it is an annotation type element with no default value.
 public List<VariableElement> getParameters()
    Returns the formal parameters of this executable. They are returned in declaration order.
 public TypeMirror getReturnType()
    Returns the return type of this executable. Returns a NoType with kind VOID if this executable is not a method, or is a method that does not return a value.
 public Name getSimpleName()
    Returns the simple name of a constructor, method, or initializer. For a constructor, the name {@code ""} is returned, for a static initializer, the name {@code ""} is returned, and for an anonymous class or instance initializer, an empty name is returned.
 public List<TypeMirror> getThrownTypes()
    Returns the exceptions and other throwables listed in this method or constructor's {@code throws} clause in declaration order.
 public List<TypeParameterElement> getTypeParameters()
    Returns the formal type parameters of this executable in declaration order.
 public boolean isVarArgs()
    Returns {@code true} if this method or constructor accepts a variable number of arguments and returns {@code false} otherwise.