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public interface: PackageElement [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    QualifiedNameable, Element

Represents a package program element. Provides access to information about the package and its members.
Method from javax.lang.model.element.PackageElement Summary:
getEnclosingElement,   getQualifiedName,   getSimpleName,   isUnnamed
Method from javax.lang.model.element.PackageElement Detail:
 public Element getEnclosingElement()
    Returns {@code null} since a package is not enclosed by another element.
 public Name getQualifiedName()
    Returns the fully qualified name of this package. This is also known as the package's canonical name.
 public Name getSimpleName()
    Returns the simple name of this package. For an unnamed package, an empty name is returned
 public boolean isUnnamed()
    Returns {@code true} is this is an unnamed package and {@code false} otherwise.