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public interface: TypeParameterElement [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

Represents a formal type parameter of a generic class, interface, method, or constructor element. A type parameter declares a TypeVariable .
Method from javax.lang.model.element.TypeParameterElement Summary:
getBounds,   getEnclosingElement,   getGenericElement
Method from javax.lang.model.element.TypeParameterElement Detail:
 public List<TypeMirror> getBounds()
    Returns the bounds of this type parameter. These are the types given by the {@code extends} clause used to declare this type parameter. If no explicit {@code extends} clause was used, then {@code java.lang.Object} is considered to be the sole bound.
 public Element getEnclosingElement()
    Returns the {@linkplain TypeParameterElement#getGenericElement generic element} of this type parameter.
 public Element getGenericElement()
    Returns the generic class, interface, method, or constructor that is parameterized by this type parameter.