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public interface: ExecutableType [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

Represents the type of an executable. An executable is a method, constructor, or initializer.

The executable is represented as when viewed as a method (or constructor or initializer) of some reference type. If that reference type is parameterized, then its actual type arguments are substituted into any types returned by the methods of this interface.

Method from javax.lang.model.type.ExecutableType Summary:
getParameterTypes,   getReturnType,   getThrownTypes,   getTypeVariables
Method from javax.lang.model.type.ExecutableType Detail:
 public List<TypeMirror> getParameterTypes()
    Returns the types of this executable's formal parameters.
 public TypeMirror getReturnType()
    Returns the return type of this executable. Returns a NoType with kind VOID if this executable is not a method, or is a method that does not return a value.
 public List<TypeMirror> getThrownTypes()
    Returns the exceptions and other throwables listed in this executable's {@code throws} clause.
 public List<TypeVariable> getTypeVariables()
    Returns the type variables declared by the formal type parameters of this executable.