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public enum class: TypeKind [javadoc | source]
The kind of a type mirror.

Note that it is possible additional type kinds will be added to accommodate new, currently unknown, language structures added to future versions of the Java™ programming language.

Field Summary
public  TypeKind BOOLEAN    The primitive type {@code boolean}. 
public  TypeKind BYTE    The primitive type {@code byte}. 
public  TypeKind SHORT    The primitive type {@code short}. 
public  TypeKind INT    The primitive type {@code int}. 
public  TypeKind LONG    The primitive type {@code long}. 
public  TypeKind CHAR    The primitive type {@code char}. 
public  TypeKind FLOAT    The primitive type {@code float}. 
public  TypeKind DOUBLE    The primitive type {@code double}. 
public  TypeKind VOID    The pseudo-type corresponding to the keyword {@code void}. 
public  TypeKind NONE    A pseudo-type used where no actual type is appropriate. 
public  TypeKind NULL    The null type. 
public  TypeKind ARRAY    An array type. 
public  TypeKind DECLARED    A class or interface type. 
public  TypeKind ERROR    A class or interface type that could not be resolved. 
public  TypeKind TYPEVAR    A type variable. 
public  TypeKind WILDCARD    A wildcard type argument. 
public  TypeKind PACKAGE    A pseudo-type corresponding to a package element. 
public  TypeKind EXECUTABLE    A method, constructor, or initializer. 
public  TypeKind OTHER    An implementation-reserved type. This is not the type you are looking for. 
public  TypeKind UNION    A union type.
    since: 1.7 -
Method from javax.lang.model.type.TypeKind Summary:
Method from javax.lang.model.type.TypeKind Detail:
 public boolean isPrimitive() 
    Returns {@code true} if this kind corresponds to a primitive type and {@code false} otherwise.