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ArrayType   Represents an array type.  code | html
DeclaredType   Represents a declared type, either a class type or an interface type.  code | html
ErrorType   Represents a class or interface type that cannot be properly modeled.  code | html
ExecutableType   Represents the type of an executable.  code | html
NoType   A pseudo-type used where no actual type is appropriate.  code | html
NullType   Represents the null type.  code | html
PrimitiveType   Represents a primitive type.  code | html
ReferenceType   Represents a reference type.  code | html
TypeMirror   Represents a type in the Java programming language.  code | html
TypeVariable   Represents a type variable.  code | html
TypeVisitor   A visitor of types, in the style of the visitor design pattern.  code | html
UnionType   Represents a union type.  code | html
WildcardType   Represents a wildcard type argument.  code | html


TypeKind   The kind of a type mirror.  code | html
MirroredTypeException   Thrown when an application attempts to access the Class object corresponding to a TypeMirror code | html
MirroredTypesException   Thrown when an application attempts to access a sequence of Class objects each corresponding to a TypeMirror code | html
UnknownTypeException   Indicates that an unknown kind of type was encountered.  code | html