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ConnectionListener   This is the Listener interface for Connection events.  code | html
FolderListener   This is the Listener interface for Folder events.  code | html
MessageChangedListener   This is the Listener interface for MessageChanged events  code | html
MessageCountListener   This is the Listener interface for MessageCount events.  code | html
StoreListener   This is the Listener interface for Store Notifications.  code | html
TransportListener   This is the Listener interface for Transport events  code | html

Abstract Classes:

ConnectionAdapter   The adapter which receives connection events.  code | html
FolderAdapter   The adapter which receives Folder events.  code | html
MailEvent   Common base class for mail events, defining the dispatch method.  code | html
MessageCountAdapter   The adapter which receives MessageCount events.  code | html
TransportAdapter   The adapter which receives Transport events.  code | html


AllEventTests     code | html
ConnectionEvent   This class models Connection events.  code | html
ConnectionEventTest.ConnectionListenerTest     code | html
FolderEvent   This class models Folder existence events.  code | html
FolderEventTest.FolderListenerTest     code | html
MessageChangedEvent   This class models Message change events.  code | html
MessageChangedEventTest.MessageChangedListenerTest     code | html
MessageCountEvent   This class notifies changes in the number of messages in a folder.  code | html
MessageCountEventTest.MessageCountListenerTest     code | html
StoreEvent   This class models notifications from the Store connection.  code | html
StoreEventTest.StoreListenerTest     code | html
TransportEvent   This class models Transport events.  code | html
TransportEventTest.TransportListenerTest     code | html

All Test Cases:

ConnectionEventTest     code | html
FolderEventTest     code | html
MessageChangedEventTest     code | html
MessageCountEventTest     code | html
StoreEventTest     code | html
TransportEventTest     code | html