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MimePart     code | html
SharedInputStream   An InputStream that is backed by data that can be shared by multiple readers may implement this interface.  code | html


AddressException   The exception thrown when a wrongly formatted address is encountered.  code | html
AllInternetTests     code | html
AsciiOutputStream   An OutputStream that determines whether the data written to it is all ASCII, mostly ASCII, or mostly non-ASCII.  code | html
ContentDisposition   This class represents a MIME ContentDisposition value.  code | html
ContentType   This class represents a MIME ContentType value.  code | html
HeaderTokenizer   This class tokenizes RFC822 and MIME headers into the basic symbols specified by RFC822 and MIME.  code | html
HeaderTokenizer.Token   The Token class represents tokens returned by the HeaderTokenizer.  code | html
InternetAddress     code | html
InternetHeaders   InternetHeaders is a utility class that manages RFC822 style headers.  code | html
InternetHeaders.InternetHeader   An individual internet header.  code | html
InternetHeaders.matchEnum     code | html
MailDateFormat   Formats and parses date specification based on the draft-ietf-drums-msg-fmt-08 dated January 26, 2000.  code | html
MailDateParser   Helper class to deal with parsing the characters  code | html
MimeBodyPart   This class represents a MIME body part.  code | html
MimeMessage     code | html
MimeMultipart   The MimeMultipart class is an implementation of the abstract Multipart class that uses MIME conventions for the multipart data.  code | html
MimeMultipartTest.DummyMultipartHandler     code | html
MimeMultipartTest.DummyTextHandler     code | html
MimePartDataSource     code | html
MimeUtility   This is a utility class that provides various MIME related functionality.  code | html
NewsAddress   This class models an RFC1036 newsgroup address.  code | html
ParameterList   This class holds MIME parameters (attribute-value pairs).  code | html
ParameterList.MultiValue   A struct for a multi-segment parameter.  code | html
ParameterList.ParamEnum   Map the LinkedHashMap's keySet iterator to an Enumeration.  code | html
ParameterList.ToStringBuffer   A special wrapper for a StringBuffer that keeps track of the number of characters used in a line, wrapping to a new line as necessary; for use by the toString method.  code | html
ParameterList.Value   A struct to hold an encoded value.  code | html
ParseException   The exception thrown due to an error in parsing RFC822 or MIME headers  code | html
PreencodedMimeBodyPart   A MimeBodyPart that handles data that has already been encoded.  code | html
UniqueValue   This is a utility class that generates unique values.  code | html

All Test Cases:

ContentDispositionTest     code | html
ContentTypeTest     code | html
HeaderTokenizerTest     code | html
InternetAddressTest     code | html
InternetHeadersTest     code | html
MailDateFormatTest     code | html
MimeMessageTest     code | html
MimeMultipartTest     code | html
NewsAddressTest     code | html
ParameterListTest     code | html