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class: BinaryRelQueryExp [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    QueryExp, Serializable

This class is used by the query-building mechanism to represent binary operations.
 public BinaryRelQueryExp() 
 public BinaryRelQueryExp(int op,
    ValueExp v1,
    ValueExp v2) 
    Creates a new BinaryRelQueryExp with operator op applied on v1 and v2 values.
Method from javax.management.BinaryRelQueryExp Summary:
apply,   getLeftValue,   getOperator,   getRightValue,   toString
Methods from javax.management.QueryEval:
getMBeanServer,   setMBeanServer
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Method from javax.management.BinaryRelQueryExp Detail:
 public boolean apply(ObjectName name) throws BadStringOperationException, BadBinaryOpValueExpException, BadAttributeValueExpException, InvalidApplicationException 
    Applies the BinaryRelQueryExp on an MBean.
 public ValueExp getLeftValue() 
    Returns the left value of the query.
 public int getOperator() 
    Returns the operator of the query.
 public ValueExp getRightValue() 
    Returns the right value of the query.
 public String toString() 
    Returns the string representing the object.