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public class: MBeanServerDelegate [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    MBeanServerDelegateMBean, NotificationEmitter

Represents the MBean server from the management point of view. The MBeanServerDelegate MBean emits the MBeanServerNotifications when an MBean is registered/unregistered in the MBean server.
Field Summary
public static final  ObjectName DELEGATE_NAME    Defines the default ObjectName of the MBeanServerDelegate.
    since: 1.6 -
 public MBeanServerDelegate() 
Method from javax.management.MBeanServerDelegate Summary:
addNotificationListener,   getImplementationName,   getImplementationVendor,   getImplementationVersion,   getMBeanServerId,   getNotificationInfo,   getSpecificationName,   getSpecificationVendor,   getSpecificationVersion,   removeNotificationListener,   removeNotificationListener,   sendNotification
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Method from javax.management.MBeanServerDelegate Detail:
 public synchronized  void addNotificationListener(NotificationListener listener,
    NotificationFilter filter,
    Object handback) throws IllegalArgumentException 
 public String getImplementationName() 
    Returns the JMX implementation name (the name of this product).
 public String getImplementationVendor() 
    Returns the JMX implementation vendor (the vendor of this product).
 public String getImplementationVersion() 
    Returns the JMX implementation version (the version of this product).
 public synchronized String getMBeanServerId() 
    Returns the MBean server agent identity.
 public MBeanNotificationInfo[] getNotificationInfo() 
 public String getSpecificationName() 
    Returns the full name of the JMX specification implemented by this product.
 public String getSpecificationVendor() 
    Returns the vendor of the JMX specification implemented by this product.
 public String getSpecificationVersion() 
    Returns the version of the JMX specification implemented by this product.
 public synchronized  void removeNotificationListener(NotificationListener listener) throws ListenerNotFoundException 
 public synchronized  void removeNotificationListener(NotificationListener listener,
    NotificationFilter filter,
    Object handback) throws ListenerNotFoundException 
 public  void sendNotification(Notification notification) 
    Enables the MBean server to send a notification. If the passed notification has a sequence number lesser or equal to 0, then replace it with the delegate's own sequence number.