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Instances of this interface are used to keep the list of ClassLoaders registered in an MBean Server. 

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MLetMBean   Exposes the remote management interface of the MLet MBean.  code | html
PrivateClassLoader   Marker interface indicating that a ClassLoader should not be added to the ClassLoaderRepository code | html



Keeps the list of Class Loaders registered in the MBean Server. 

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MLet   Allows you to instantiate and register one or several MBeans in the MBean server coming from a remote URL.  code | html
MLetContent   This class represents the contents of the MLET tag.  code | html
MLetObjectInputStream   This subclass of ObjectInputStream delegates loading of classes to an existing MLetClassLoader.  code | html
MLetParser   This class is used for parsing URLs.  code | html
PrivateMLet   An MLet that is not added to the ClassLoaderRepository code | html