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public class: MBeanServerNotificationFilter [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

Filter for MBeanServerNotification . This filter filters MBeanServerNotification notifications by selecting the ObjectNames of interest and the operations (registration, unregistration, both) of interest (corresponding to notification types).

The serialVersionUID of this class is 2605900539589789736L.

 public MBeanServerNotificationFilter() 
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Method from Detail:
 public synchronized  void disableAllObjectNames() 
    Disables any MBeanServerNotification (all ObjectNames are deselected).
 public synchronized  void disableObjectName(ObjectName objectName) throws IllegalArgumentException 
    Disables MBeanServerNotifications concerning given ObjectName.
 public synchronized  void enableAllObjectNames() 
    Enables all MBeanServerNotifications (all ObjectNames are selected).
 public synchronized  void enableObjectName(ObjectName objectName) throws IllegalArgumentException 
    Enables MBeanServerNotifications concerning given ObjectName.
 public synchronized Vector<ObjectName> getDisabledObjectNames() 
    Gets all the ObjectNames disabled.
 public synchronized Vector<ObjectName> getEnabledObjectNames() 
    Gets all the ObjectNames enabled.
 public synchronized boolean isNotificationEnabled(Notification notif) throws IllegalArgumentException 
    Invoked before sending the specified notification to the listener.


    - the ObjectName of the concerned MBean is selected (explicitly OR (implicitly and not explicitly deselected))


    - the type of the operation (registration or unregistration) is selected

    then the notification is sent to the listener.