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Bindings   A mapping of key/value pairs, all of whose keys are Strings code | html
Compilable   The optional interface implemented by ScriptEngines whose methods compile scripts to a form that can be executed repeatedly without recompilation.  code | html
Invocable   The optional interface implemented by ScriptEngines whose methods allow the invocation of procedures in scripts that have previously been executed.  code | html
ScriptContext   The interface whose implementing classes are used to connect Script Engines with objects, such as scoped Bindings, in hosting applications.  code | html
ScriptEngine   ScriptEngine is the fundamental interface whose methods must be fully functional in every implementation of this specification.  code | html
ScriptEngineFactory   ScriptEngineFactory is used to describe and instantiate ScriptEngines code | html

Abstract Classes:

AbstractScriptEngine   Provides a standard implementation for several of the variants of the eval method.  code | html
CompiledScript   Extended by classes that store results of compilations.  code | html


ScriptEngineManager   The ScriptEngineManager implements a discovery and instantiation mechanism for ScriptEngine classes and also maintains a collection of key/value pairs storing state shared by all engines created by the Manager.  code | html
ScriptException   The generic Exception class for the Scripting APIs.  code | html
SimpleBindings   A simple implementation of Bindings backed by a HashMap or some other specified Map code | html
SimpleScriptContext   Simple implementation of ScriptContext.  code | html