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DelegationPermission   This class is used to restrict the usage of the Kerberos delegation model, ie: forwardable and proxiable tickets.  code | html
JavaxSecurityAuthKerberosAccessImpl     code | html
KerberosKey   This class encapsulates a long term secret key for a Kerberos principal.

All Kerberos JAAS login modules that obtain a principal's password and generate the secret key from it should use this class. 

code | html
KerberosPrincipal   This class encapsulates a Kerberos principal.  code | html
KerberosTicket   This class encapsulates a Kerberos ticket and associated information as viewed from the client's point of view.  code | html
KeyImpl   This class encapsulates a Kerberos encryption key.  code | html
KeyTab   This class encapsulates a keytab file.  code | html
KrbDelegationPermissionCollection     code | html
KrbDelegationPermissionCollection   Specific PermissionCollection for storing DelegationPermissions  code | html
KrbServicePermissionCollection     code | html
KrbServicePermissionCollection   Specific PermissionCollection for storing ServicePermissions  code | html
ServicePermission   This class is used to protect Kerberos services and the credentials necessary to access those services.  code | html