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public interface: ServletContextAttributeListener [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

Implementations of this interface receive notifications of changes to the attribute list on the servlet context of a web application. To receive notification events, the implementation class must be configured in the deployment descriptor for the web application.
Method from javax.servlet.ServletContextAttributeListener Summary:
attributeAdded,   attributeRemoved,   attributeReplaced
Method from javax.servlet.ServletContextAttributeListener Detail:
 public  void attributeAdded(ServletContextAttributeEvent scab)
    Notification that a new attribute was added to the servlet context. Called after the attribute is added.
 public  void attributeRemoved(ServletContextAttributeEvent scab)
    Notification that an existing attribute has been removed from the servlet context. Called after the attribute is removed.
 public  void attributeReplaced(ServletContextAttributeEvent scab)
    Notification that an attribute on the servlet context has been replaced. Called after the attribute is replaced.