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The interface to a map between EL function names and methods.

Classes implementing this interface may, for instance, consult tag library information to resolve the map. 

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This class is used to customize the way an ExpressionEvaluator resolves variable references at evaluation time. 

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Abstract Classes:


The abstract class for a prepared expression.

An instance of an Expression can be obtained via from an ExpressionEvaluator instance.

An Expression may or not have done a syntactic parse of the expression. 

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The abstract base class for an expression-language evaluator. 

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ImplicitObjectELResolver.ScopeMap     code | html


ELException   Represents any of the exception conditions that arise during the operation evaluation of the evaluator.  code | html
ELParseException   Represents a parsing error encountered while parsing an EL expression.  code | html
ImplicitObjectELResolver     code | html
ImplicitObjectELResolver.ScopeManager     code | html
ImplicitObjectELResolver.ScopeMap.ScopeEntry     code | html
ScopedAttributeELResolver     code | html