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Abstract Classes:

Card   A Smart Card with which a connection has been established.  code | html
CardChannel   A logical channel connection to a Smart Card.  code | html
CardTerminal   A Smart Card terminal, sometimes refered to as a Smart Card Reader.  code | html
CardTerminals   The set of terminals supported by a TerminalFactory.  code | html
TerminalFactorySpi   The TerminalFactorySpi class defines the service provider interface.  code | html


CardTerminals.State   Enumeration of attributes of a CardTerminal.  code | html
ATR   A Smart Card's answer-to-reset bytes.  code | html
CardException   Exception for errors that occur during communication with the Smart Card stack or the card itself.  code | html
CardNotPresentException   Exception thrown when an application tries to establish a connection with a terminal that has no card present.  code | html
CardPermission   A permission for Smart Card operations.  code | html
CommandAPDU   A command APDU following the structure defined in ISO/IEC 7816-4.  code | html
ResponseAPDU   A response APDU as defined in ISO/IEC 7816-4.  code | html
TerminalFactory   A factory for CardTerminal objects.  code | html
TerminalFactory.NoneCardTerminals     code | html
TerminalFactory.NoneFactorySpi     code | html
TerminalFactory.NoneProvider     code | html