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abstract public class: MidiDeviceProvider [javadoc | source]
A MidiDeviceProvider is a factory or provider for a particular type of MIDI device. This mechanism allows the implementation to determine how resources are managed in the creation and management of a device.
Method from javax.sound.midi.spi.MidiDeviceProvider Summary:
getDevice,   getDeviceInfo,   isDeviceSupported
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Method from javax.sound.midi.spi.MidiDeviceProvider Detail:
 abstract public MidiDevice getDevice(Info info)
    Obtains an instance of the device represented by the info object.
 abstract public Info[] getDeviceInfo()
    Obtains the set of info objects representing the device or devices provided by this MidiDeviceProvider.
 public boolean isDeviceSupported(Info info) 
    Indicates whether the device provider supports the device represented by the specified device info object.