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Sub Packages:

javax.sql.rowset.serial   Provides utility classes to allow serializable mappings between SQL types and data types in the Java programming language.  
javax.sql.rowset.spi   The standard classes and interfaces that a third party vendor has to use in its implementation of a synchronization provider.  


CachedRowSet   The interface that all standard implementations of CachedRowSet must implement.  code | html
FilteredRowSet   The standard interface that all standard implementations of FilteredRowSet must implement.  code | html
JdbcRowSet   The standard interface that all standard implementations of JdbcRowSet must implement.  code | html
JoinRowSet   The JoinRowSet interface provides a mechanism for combining related data from different RowSet objects into one JoinRowSet object, which represents an SQL JOIN code | html

1.0 Background

The Joinable interface provides the methods for getting and setting a match column, which is the basis for forming the SQL JOIN formed by adding RowSet objects to a JoinRowSet object. 
code | html
Predicate   The standard interface that provides the framework for all FilteredRowSet objects to describe their filters.  code | html
RowSetFactory   An interface that defines the implementation of a factory that is used to obtain different types of {@code RowSet} implementations.  code | html
WebRowSet   The standard interface that all implementations of a WebRowSet must implement.  code | html

Abstract Classes:

BaseRowSet   An abstract class providing a RowSet object with its basic functionality.  code | html


RowSetMetaDataImpl   Provides implementations for the methods that set and get metadata information about a RowSet object's columns.  code | html
RowSetMetaDataImpl.ColInfo     code | html
RowSetProvider   A factory API that enables applications to obtain a {@code RowSetFactory} implementation that can be used to create different types of {@code RowSet} implementations.  code | html
RowSetWarning   An extension of SQLException that provides information about database warnings set on RowSet objects.  code | html
SqlUtil     code | html