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abstract public class: AbstractAction [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    Action, Cloneable, Serializable

This class provides default implementations for the JFC Action interface. Standard behaviors like the get and set methods for Action object properties (icon, text, and enabled) are defined here. The developer need only subclass this abstract class and define the actionPerformed method.

Warning: Serialized objects of this class will not be compatible with future Swing releases. The current serialization support is appropriate for short term storage or RMI between applications running the same version of Swing. As of 1.4, support for long term storage of all JavaBeansTM has been added to the java.beans package. Please see java.beans.XMLEncoder .

Field Summary
protected  boolean enabled    Specifies whether action is enabled; the default is true. 
protected  SwingPropertyChangeSupport changeSupport    If any PropertyChangeListeners have been registered, the changeSupport field describes them. 
 public AbstractAction() 
 public AbstractAction(String name) 
    Creates an {@code Action} with the specified name.
    name - the name ({@code Action.NAME}) for the action; a value of {@code null} is ignored
 public AbstractAction(String name,
    Icon icon) 
    Creates an {@code Action} with the specified name and small icon.
    name - the name ({@code Action.NAME}) for the action; a value of {@code null} is ignored
    icon - the small icon ({@code Action.SMALL_ICON}) for the action; a value of {@code null} is ignored
Method from javax.swing.AbstractAction Summary:
addPropertyChangeListener,   clone,   firePropertyChange,   getKeys,   getPropertyChangeListeners,   getValue,   hasSelectedKey,   isEnabled,   isSelected,   putValue,   removePropertyChangeListener,   setEnabled,   setEnabledFromAction,   setToolTipTextFromAction,   shouldReconfigure
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clone,   equals,   finalize,   getClass,   hashCode,   notify,   notifyAll,   toString,   wait,   wait,   wait
Method from javax.swing.AbstractAction Detail:
 public synchronized  void addPropertyChangeListener(PropertyChangeListener listener) 
    Adds a PropertyChangeListener to the listener list. The listener is registered for all properties.

    A PropertyChangeEvent will get fired in response to setting a bound property, e.g. setFont, setBackground, or setForeground. Note that if the current component is inheriting its foreground, background, or font from its container, then no event will be fired in response to a change in the inherited property.

 protected Object clone() throws CloneNotSupportedException 
    Clones the abstract action. This gives the clone its own copy of the key/value list, which is not handled for you by Object.clone(). *
 protected  void firePropertyChange(String propertyName,
    Object oldValue,
    Object newValue) 
    Supports reporting bound property changes. This method can be called when a bound property has changed and it will send the appropriate PropertyChangeEvent to any registered PropertyChangeListeners.
 public Object[] getKeys() 
    Returns an array of Objects which are keys for which values have been set for this AbstractAction, or null if no keys have values set.
 public synchronized PropertyChangeListener[] getPropertyChangeListeners() 
    Returns an array of all the PropertyChangeListeners added to this AbstractAction with addPropertyChangeListener().
 public Object getValue(String key) 
    Gets the Object associated with the specified key.
 static boolean hasSelectedKey(Action a) 
 public boolean isEnabled() 
    Returns true if the action is enabled.
 static boolean isSelected(Action a) 
 public  void putValue(String key,
    Object newValue) 
    Sets the Value associated with the specified key.
 public synchronized  void removePropertyChangeListener(PropertyChangeListener listener) 
    Removes a PropertyChangeListener from the listener list. This removes a PropertyChangeListener that was registered for all properties.
 public  void setEnabled(boolean newValue) 
    Sets whether the {@code Action} is enabled. The default is {@code true}.
 static  void setEnabledFromAction(JComponent c,
    Action a) 
    Sets the enabled state of a component from an Action.
 static  void setToolTipTextFromAction(JComponent c,
    Action a) 
    Sets the tooltip text of a component from an Action.
 static boolean shouldReconfigure(PropertyChangeEvent e) 
    Whether or not to reconfigure all action properties from the specified event.