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enum class: ClientPropertyKey [javadoc | source]
An enumeration for keys used as client properties within the Swing implementation.

This enum holds only a small subset of the keys currently used within Swing, but we may move more of them here in the future.

Adding an item to, and using, this class instead of {@code String} for client properties protects against conflicts with developer-set client properties. Using this class also avoids a problem with {@code StringBuilder} and {@code StringBuffer} keys, whereby the keys are not recognized upon deserialization.

When a client property value associated with one of these keys does not implement {@code Serializable}, the result during serialization depends on how the key is defined here. Historically, client properties with values not implementing {@code Serializable} have simply been dropped and left out of the serialized representation. To define keys with such behavior in this enum, provide a value of {@code false} for the {@code reportValueNotSerializable} property. When migrating existing properties to this enum, one may wish to consider using this by default, to preserve backward compatibility.

To instead have a {@code NotSerializableException} thrown when a {@code non-Serializable} property is encountered, provide the value of {@code true} for the {@code reportValueNotSerializable} property. This is useful when the property represents something that the developer needs to know about when it cannot be serialized.

Field Summary
 ClientPropertyKey JComponent_INPUT_VERIFIER    Key used by JComponent for storing InputVerifier. 
 ClientPropertyKey JComponent_TRANSFER_HANDLER    Key used by JComponent for storing TransferHandler. 
 ClientPropertyKey JComponent_ANCESTOR_NOTIFIER    Key used by JComponent for storing AncestorNotifier. 
 ClientPropertyKey PopupFactory_FORCE_HEAVYWEIGHT_POPUP    Key used by PopupFactory to force heavy weight popups for a component. 
Method from javax.swing.ClientPropertyKey Summary:
Method from javax.swing.ClientPropertyKey Detail:
 public boolean getReportValueNotSerializable() 
    Returns whether or not a {@code NotSerializableException} should be thrown during serialization, when the value associated with this key does not implement {@code Serializable}.