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public interface: ComboBoxEditor [javadoc | source]

All Known Implementing Classes:
    UIResource, SynthComboBoxEditor, UIResource, MetalComboBoxEditor, BasicComboBoxEditor

The editor component used for JComboBox components.
Method from javax.swing.ComboBoxEditor Summary:
addActionListener,   getEditorComponent,   getItem,   removeActionListener,   selectAll,   setItem
Method from javax.swing.ComboBoxEditor Detail:
 public  void addActionListener(ActionListener l)
    Add an ActionListener. An action event is generated when the edited item changes *
 public Component getEditorComponent()
    Return the component that should be added to the tree hierarchy for this editor
 public Object getItem()
    Return the edited item *
 public  void removeActionListener(ActionListener l)
    Remove an ActionListener *
 public  void selectAll()
    Ask the editor to start editing and to select everything
 public  void setItem(Object anObject)
    Set the item that should be edited. Cancel any editing if necessary