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class: GroupLayout.ComponentInfo [javadoc | source]
Tracks the horizontal/vertical Springs for a Component. This class is also used to handle Springs that have their sizes linked.
Field Summary
 ComponentSpring horizontalSpring     
 ComponentSpring verticalSpring     
 ComponentInfo(Component component) 
Method from javax.swing.GroupLayout$ComponentInfo Summary:
clearCachedSize,   dispose,   getComponent,   getLinkInfo,   getLinkSize,   isLinked,   isVisible,   setBounds,   setComponent,   setHonorsVisibility,   updateVisibility
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Method from javax.swing.GroupLayout$ComponentInfo Detail:
 public  void clearCachedSize() 
 public  void dispose() 
 public Component getComponent() 
 public LinkInfo getLinkInfo(int axis) 
 int getLinkSize(int axis,
    int type) 
 public boolean isLinked(int axis) 
    Returns true if this component has its size linked to other components.
 public boolean isVisible() 
 public  void setBounds(Insets insets,
    int parentWidth,
    boolean ltr) 
 public  void setComponent(Component component) 
  void setHonorsVisibility(Boolean honorsVisibility) 
 boolean updateVisibility() 
    Updates the cached visibility.