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abstract class: GroupLayout.Spring [javadoc | source]

Direct Known Subclasses:
    PreferredGapSpring, SequentialGroup, BaselineGroup, GapSpring, Group, ContainerAutoPreferredGapSpring, AutoPreferredGapSpring, ComponentSpring, ParallelGroup

Spring consists of a range: min, pref and max, a value some where in the middle of that, and a location. Spring caches the min/max/pref. If the min/pref/max has internally changes, or needs to be updated you must invoke clear.
Method from javax.swing.GroupLayout$Spring Summary:
calculateMaximumSize,   calculateMinimumSize,   calculatePreferredSize,   constrain,   getAlignment,   getBaseline,   getBaselineResizeBehavior,   getMaximumSize,   getMinimumSize,   getParent,   getPreferredSize,   getSize,   isResizable,   setAlignment,   setParent,   setSize,   unset,   willHaveZeroSize
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Method from javax.swing.GroupLayout$Spring Detail:
 abstract int calculateMaximumSize(int axis)
    Calculates and returns the minimum size.
 abstract int calculateMinimumSize(int axis)
    Calculates and returns the minimum size.
 abstract int calculatePreferredSize(int axis)
    Calculates and returns the preferred size.
 int constrain(int value) 
 Alignment getAlignment() 
    Alignment for this Spring, this may be null.
 int getBaseline() 
 BaselineResizeBehavior getBaselineResizeBehavior() 
 final int getMaximumSize(int axis) 
    Returns the maximum size.
 final int getMinimumSize(int axis) 
    Returns the minimum size.
 Spring getParent() 
    Returns the parent of this spring.
 final int getPreferredSize(int axis) 
    Returns the preferred size.
 int getSize() 
    Returns the current size.
 final boolean isResizable(int axis) 
  void setAlignment(Alignment alignment) 
  void setParent(Spring parent) 
    Sets the parent of this Spring.
  void setSize(int axis,
    int origin,
    int size) 
    Sets the value and location of the spring. Subclasses will want to invoke super, then do any additional sizing.
  void unset() 
    Resets the cached min/max/pref.
 abstract boolean willHaveZeroSize(boolean treatAutopaddingAsZeroSized)
    Returns {@code true} if this spring will ALWAYS have a zero size. This should NOT check the current size, rather it's meant to quickly test if this Spring will always have a zero size.