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class: JComponent.ReadObjectCallback [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

This object is the ObjectInputStream callback that's called after a complete graph of objects (including at least one JComponent) has been read. It sets the UI property of each Swing component that was read to the current default with updateUI.

As each component is read in we keep track of the current set of root components here, in the roots vector. Note that there's only one ReadObjectCallback per ObjectInputStream, they're stored in the static readObjectCallbacks hashtable.

 ReadObjectCallback(ObjectInputStream s) throws Exception 
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Method from javax.swing.JComponent$ReadObjectCallback Detail:
 public  void validateObject() throws InvalidObjectException 
    This is the method that's called after the entire graph of objects has been read in. It initializes the UI property of all of the copmonents with SwingUtilities.updateComponentTreeUI.