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class: JEditorPane.PageLoader [javadoc | source]
   javax.swing.SwingWorker<URL, Object>

All Implemented Interfaces:

Loads a stream into the text document model.
Field Summary
 InputStream in    The stream to load the document with 
 URL old    URL of the old page that was replaced (for the property change event) 
 URL page    URL of the page being loaded (for the property change event) 
 Document doc    The Document instance to load into. This is cached in case a new Document is created between the time the thread this is created and run. 
 PageLoader(Document doc,
    InputStream in,
    URL old,
    URL page) 
    Construct an asynchronous page loader.
Method from javax.swing.JEditorPane$PageLoader Summary:
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Method from javax.swing.JEditorPane$PageLoader Detail:
 protected URL doInBackground() 
    Try to load the document, then scroll the view to the reference (if specified). When done, fire a page property change event.