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public class: JFileChooser [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    Accessible, HasGetTransferHandler, Serializable, MenuContainer, ImageObserver

Direct Known Subclasses:
    NeurosDeviceSelection, JEncodedFileChooser

JFileChooser provides a simple mechanism for the user to choose a file. For information about using JFileChooser, see How to Use File Choosers, a section in The Java Tutorial.

The following code pops up a file chooser for the user's home directory that sees only .jpg and .gif images:

   JFileChooser chooser = new JFileChooser();
   FileNameExtensionFilter filter = new FileNameExtensionFilter(
       "JPG & GIF Images", "jpg", "gif");
   int returnVal = chooser.showOpenDialog(parent);
   if(returnVal == JFileChooser.APPROVE_OPTION) {
      System.out.println("You chose to open this file: " +

Warning: Swing is not thread safe. For more information see Swing's Threading Policy.

Nested Class Summary:
protected class  JFileChooser.AccessibleJFileChooser  This class implements accessibility support for the JFileChooser class. It provides an implementation of the Java Accessibility API appropriate to file chooser user-interface elements. 
Field Summary
public static final  int OPEN_DIALOG    Type value indicating that the JFileChooser supports an "Open" file operation. 
public static final  int SAVE_DIALOG    Type value indicating that the JFileChooser supports a "Save" file operation. 
public static final  int CUSTOM_DIALOG    Type value indicating that the JFileChooser supports a developer-specified file operation. 
public static final  int CANCEL_OPTION    Return value if cancel is chosen. 
public static final  int APPROVE_OPTION    Return value if approve (yes, ok) is chosen. 
public static final  int ERROR_OPTION    Return value if an error occured. 
public static final  int FILES_ONLY    Instruction to display only files. 
public static final  int DIRECTORIES_ONLY    Instruction to display only directories. 
public static final  int FILES_AND_DIRECTORIES    Instruction to display both files and directories. 
public static final  String CANCEL_SELECTION    Instruction to cancel the current selection. 
public static final  String APPROVE_SELECTION    Instruction to approve the current selection (same as pressing yes or ok). 
public static final  String APPROVE_BUTTON_TEXT_CHANGED_PROPERTY    Identifies change in the text on the approve (yes, ok) button. 
public static final  String APPROVE_BUTTON_TOOL_TIP_TEXT_CHANGED_PROPERTY    Identifies change in the tooltip text for the approve (yes, ok) button. 
public static final  String APPROVE_BUTTON_MNEMONIC_CHANGED_PROPERTY    Identifies change in the mnemonic for the approve (yes, ok) button. 
public static final  String CONTROL_BUTTONS_ARE_SHOWN_CHANGED_PROPERTY    Instruction to display the control buttons. 
public static final  String DIRECTORY_CHANGED_PROPERTY    Identifies user's directory change. 
public static final  String SELECTED_FILE_CHANGED_PROPERTY    Identifies change in user's single-file selection. 
public static final  String SELECTED_FILES_CHANGED_PROPERTY    Identifies change in user's multiple-file selection. 
public static final  String MULTI_SELECTION_ENABLED_CHANGED_PROPERTY    Enables multiple-file selections. 
public static final  String FILE_SYSTEM_VIEW_CHANGED_PROPERTY    Says that a different object is being used to find available drives on the system. 
public static final  String FILE_VIEW_CHANGED_PROPERTY    Says that a different object is being used to retrieve file information. 
public static final  String FILE_HIDING_CHANGED_PROPERTY    Identifies a change in the display-hidden-files property. 
public static final  String FILE_FILTER_CHANGED_PROPERTY    User changed the kind of files to display. 
public static final  String FILE_SELECTION_MODE_CHANGED_PROPERTY    Identifies a change in the kind of selection (single, multiple, etc.). 
public static final  String ACCESSORY_CHANGED_PROPERTY    Says that a different accessory component is in use (for example, to preview files). 
public static final  String ACCEPT_ALL_FILE_FILTER_USED_CHANGED_PROPERTY    Identifies whether a the AcceptAllFileFilter is used or not. 
public static final  String DIALOG_TITLE_CHANGED_PROPERTY    Identifies a change in the dialog title. 
public static final  String DIALOG_TYPE_CHANGED_PROPERTY    Identifies a change in the type of files displayed (files only, directories only, or both files and directories). 
public static final  String CHOOSABLE_FILE_FILTER_CHANGED_PROPERTY    Identifies a change in the list of predefined file filters the user can choose from. 
protected  AccessibleContext accessibleContext     
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 public JFileChooser() 
 public JFileChooser(String currentDirectoryPath) 
    Constructs a JFileChooser using the given path. Passing in a null string causes the file chooser to point to the user's default directory. This default depends on the operating system. It is typically the "My Documents" folder on Windows, and the user's home directory on Unix.
    currentDirectoryPath - a String giving the path to a file or directory
 public JFileChooser(File currentDirectory) 
    Constructs a JFileChooser using the given File as the path. Passing in a null file causes the file chooser to point to the user's default directory. This default depends on the operating system. It is typically the "My Documents" folder on Windows, and the user's home directory on Unix.
    currentDirectory - a File object specifying the path to a file or directory
 public JFileChooser(FileSystemView fsv) 
    Constructs a JFileChooser using the given FileSystemView.
 public JFileChooser(File currentDirectory,
    FileSystemView fsv) 
    Constructs a JFileChooser using the given current directory and FileSystemView.
 public JFileChooser(String currentDirectoryPath,
    FileSystemView fsv) 
    Constructs a JFileChooser using the given current directory path and FileSystemView.
Method from javax.swing.JFileChooser Summary:
accept,   addActionListener,   addChoosableFileFilter,   approveSelection,   cancelSelection,   changeToParentDirectory,   createDialog,   ensureFileIsVisible,   fireActionPerformed,   getAcceptAllFileFilter,   getAccessibleContext,   getAccessory,   getActionListeners,   getApproveButtonMnemonic,   getApproveButtonText,   getApproveButtonToolTipText,   getChoosableFileFilters,   getControlButtonsAreShown,   getCurrentDirectory,   getDescription,   getDialogTitle,   getDialogType,   getDragEnabled,   getFileFilter,   getFileSelectionMode,   getFileSystemView,   getFileView,   getIcon,   getName,   getSelectedFile,   getSelectedFiles,   getTypeDescription,   getUI,   getUIClassID,   isAcceptAllFileFilterUsed,   isDirectorySelectionEnabled,   isFileHidingEnabled,   isFileSelectionEnabled,   isMultiSelectionEnabled,   isTraversable,   paramString,   removeActionListener,   removeChoosableFileFilter,   rescanCurrentDirectory,   resetChoosableFileFilters,   setAcceptAllFileFilterUsed,   setAccessory,   setApproveButtonMnemonic,   setApproveButtonMnemonic,   setApproveButtonText,   setApproveButtonToolTipText,   setControlButtonsAreShown,   setCurrentDirectory,   setDialogTitle,   setDialogType,   setDragEnabled,   setFileFilter,   setFileHidingEnabled,   setFileSelectionMode,   setFileSystemView,   setFileView,   setMultiSelectionEnabled,   setSelectedFile,   setSelectedFiles,   setup,   showDialog,   showOpenDialog,   showSaveDialog,   updateUI
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getFocusTraversalKeysEnabled,   getFocusTraversalKeys_NoIDCheck,   getFont,   getFontMetrics,   getFont_NoClientCode,   getForeground,   getGraphics,   getGraphicsConfiguration,   getGraphicsConfiguration_NoClientCode,   getGraphics_NoClientCode,   getHWPeerAboveMe,   getHeight,   getHierarchyBoundsListeners,   getHierarchyListeners,   getIgnoreRepaint,   getInputContext,   getInputMethodListeners,   getInputMethodRequests,   getKeyListeners,   getListeners,   getLocale,   getLocation,   getLocation,   getLocationOnScreen,   getLocationOnScreen_NoTreeLock,   getLocationOnWindow,   getMaximumSize,   getMinimumSize,   getMouseListeners,   getMouseMotionListeners,   getMousePosition,   getMouseWheelListeners,   getName,   getNativeContainer,   getNextFocusCandidate,   getNormalShape,   getObjectLock,   getOpaqueShape,   getParent,   getParent_NoClientCode,   getPeer,   getPreferredSize,   getPropertyChangeListeners,   getPropertyChangeListeners,   getSiblingIndexAbove,   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transferFocus,   transferFocusBackward,   transferFocusBackward,   transferFocusUpCycle,   update,   updateCursorImmediately,   updateGraphicsData,   updateZOrder,   validate
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Method from javax.swing.JFileChooser Detail:
 public boolean accept(File f) 
    Returns true if the file should be displayed.
 public  void addActionListener(ActionListener l) 
    Adds an ActionListener to the file chooser.
 public  void addChoosableFileFilter(FileFilter filter) 
    Adds a filter to the list of user choosable file filters. For information on setting the file selection mode, see setFileSelectionMode .
 public  void approveSelection() 
    Called by the UI when the user hits the Approve button (labeled "Open" or "Save", by default). This can also be called by the programmer. This method causes an action event to fire with the command string equal to APPROVE_SELECTION.
 public  void cancelSelection() 
    Called by the UI when the user chooses the Cancel button. This can also be called by the programmer. This method causes an action event to fire with the command string equal to CANCEL_SELECTION.
 public  void changeToParentDirectory() 
    Changes the directory to be set to the parent of the current directory.
 protected JDialog createDialog(Component parent) throws HeadlessException 
    Creates and returns a new JDialog wrapping this centered on the parent in the parent's frame. This method can be overriden to further manipulate the dialog, to disable resizing, set the location, etc. Example:
        class MyFileChooser extends JFileChooser {
            protected JDialog createDialog(Component parent) throws HeadlessException {
                JDialog dialog = super.createDialog(parent);
                dialog.setLocation(300, 200);
                return dialog;
 public  void ensureFileIsVisible(File f) 
    Makes sure that the specified file is viewable, and not hidden.
 protected  void fireActionPerformed(String command) 
    Notifies all listeners that have registered interest for notification on this event type. The event instance is lazily created using the command parameter.
 public FileFilter getAcceptAllFileFilter() 
    Returns the AcceptAll file filter. For example, on Microsoft Windows this would be All Files (*.*).
 public AccessibleContext getAccessibleContext() 
    Gets the AccessibleContext associated with this JFileChooser. For file choosers, the AccessibleContext takes the form of an AccessibleJFileChooser. A new AccessibleJFileChooser instance is created if necessary.
 public JComponent getAccessory() 
    Returns the accessory component.
 public ActionListener[] getActionListeners() 
    Returns an array of all the action listeners registered on this file chooser.
 public int getApproveButtonMnemonic() 
    Returns the approve button's mnemonic.
 public String getApproveButtonText() 
    Returns the text used in the ApproveButton in the FileChooserUI. If null, the UI object will determine the button's text. Typically, this would be "Open" or "Save".
 public String getApproveButtonToolTipText() 
    Returns the tooltip text used in the ApproveButton. If null, the UI object will determine the button's text.
 public FileFilter[] getChoosableFileFilters() 
    Gets the list of user choosable file filters.
 public boolean getControlButtonsAreShown() 
    Returns the value of the controlButtonsAreShown property.
 public File getCurrentDirectory() 
    Returns the current directory.
 public String getDescription(File f) 
    Returns the file description.
 public String getDialogTitle() 
    Gets the string that goes in the JFileChooser's titlebar.
 public int getDialogType() 
    Returns the type of this dialog. The default is JFileChooser.OPEN_DIALOG.
 public boolean getDragEnabled() 
    Gets the value of the dragEnabled property.
 public FileFilter getFileFilter() 
    Returns the currently selected file filter.
 public int getFileSelectionMode() 
    Returns the current file-selection mode. The default is JFilesChooser.FILES_ONLY.
 public FileSystemView getFileSystemView() 
    Returns the file system view.
 public FileView getFileView() 
    Returns the current file view.
 public Icon getIcon(File f) 
    Returns the icon for this file or type of file, depending on the system.
 public String getName(File f) 
    Returns the filename.
 public File getSelectedFile() 
    Returns the selected file. This can be set either by the programmer via setSelectedFile or by a user action, such as either typing the filename into the UI or selecting the file from a list in the UI.
 public File[] getSelectedFiles() 
    Returns a list of selected files if the file chooser is set to allow multiple selection.
 public String getTypeDescription(File f) 
    Returns the file type.
 public FileChooserUI getUI() 
    Gets the UI object which implements the L&F for this component.
 public String getUIClassID() 
    Returns a string that specifies the name of the L&F class that renders this component.
 public boolean isAcceptAllFileFilterUsed() 
    Returns whether the AcceptAll FileFilter is used.
 public boolean isDirectorySelectionEnabled() 
    Convenience call that determines if directories are selectable based on the current file selection mode.
 public boolean isFileHidingEnabled() 
    Returns true if hidden files are not shown in the file chooser; otherwise, returns false.
 public boolean isFileSelectionEnabled() 
    Convenience call that determines if files are selectable based on the current file selection mode.
 public boolean isMultiSelectionEnabled() 
    Returns true if multiple files can be selected.
 public boolean isTraversable(File f) 
    Returns true if the file (directory) can be visited. Returns false if the directory cannot be traversed.
 protected String paramString() 
    Returns a string representation of this JFileChooser. This method is intended to be used only for debugging purposes, and the content and format of the returned string may vary between implementations. The returned string may be empty but may not be null.
 public  void removeActionListener(ActionListener l) 
    Removes an ActionListener from the file chooser.
 public boolean removeChoosableFileFilter(FileFilter f) 
    Removes a filter from the list of user choosable file filters. Returns true if the file filter was removed.
 public  void rescanCurrentDirectory() 
    Tells the UI to rescan its files list from the current directory.
 public  void resetChoosableFileFilters() 
    Resets the choosable file filter list to its starting state. Normally, this removes all added file filters while leaving the AcceptAll file filter.
 public  void setAcceptAllFileFilterUsed(boolean b) 
    Determines whether the AcceptAll FileFilter is used as an available choice in the choosable filter list. If false, the AcceptAll file filter is removed from the list of available file filters. If true, the AcceptAll file filter will become the the actively used file filter.
 public  void setAccessory(JComponent newAccessory) 
    Sets the accessory component. An accessory is often used to show a preview image of the selected file; however, it can be used for anything that the programmer wishes, such as extra custom file chooser controls.

    Note: if there was a previous accessory, you should unregister any listeners that the accessory might have registered with the file chooser.

 public  void setApproveButtonMnemonic(int mnemonic) 
    Sets the approve button's mnemonic using a numeric keycode.
 public  void setApproveButtonMnemonic(char mnemonic) 
    Sets the approve button's mnemonic using a character.
 public  void setApproveButtonText(String approveButtonText) 
    Sets the text used in the ApproveButton in the FileChooserUI.
 public  void setApproveButtonToolTipText(String toolTipText) 
    Sets the tooltip text used in the ApproveButton. If null, the UI object will determine the button's text.
 public  void setControlButtonsAreShown(boolean b) 
    Sets the property that indicates whether the approve and cancel buttons are shown in the file chooser. This property is true by default. Look and feels that always show these buttons will ignore the value of this property. This method fires a property-changed event, using the string value of CONTROL_BUTTONS_ARE_SHOWN_CHANGED_PROPERTY as the name of the property.
 public  void setCurrentDirectory(File dir) 
    Sets the current directory. Passing in null sets the file chooser to point to the user's default directory. This default depends on the operating system. It is typically the "My Documents" folder on Windows, and the user's home directory on Unix. If the file passed in as currentDirectory is not a directory, the parent of the file will be used as the currentDirectory. If the parent is not traversable, then it will walk up the parent tree until it finds a traversable directory, or hits the root of the file system.
 public  void setDialogTitle(String dialogTitle) 
    Sets the string that goes in the JFileChooser window's title bar.
 public  void setDialogType(int dialogType) 
    Sets the type of this dialog. Use OPEN_DIALOG when you want to bring up a file chooser that the user can use to open a file. Likewise, use SAVE_DIALOG for letting the user choose a file for saving. Use CUSTOM_DIALOG when you want to use the file chooser in a context other than "Open" or "Save". For instance, you might want to bring up a file chooser that allows the user to choose a file to execute. Note that you normally would not need to set the JFileChooser to use CUSTOM_DIALOG since a call to setApproveButtonText does this for you. The default dialog type is JFileChooser.OPEN_DIALOG.
 public  void setDragEnabled(boolean b) 
    Sets the dragEnabled property, which must be true to enable automatic drag handling (the first part of drag and drop) on this component. The transferHandler property needs to be set to a non-null value for the drag to do anything. The default value of the dragEnabled property is false.

    When automatic drag handling is enabled, most look and feels begin a drag-and-drop operation whenever the user presses the mouse button over an item and then moves the mouse a few pixels. Setting this property to true can therefore have a subtle effect on how selections behave.

    Some look and feels might not support automatic drag and drop; they will ignore this property. You can work around such look and feels by modifying the component to directly call the exportAsDrag method of a TransferHandler.

 public  void setFileFilter(FileFilter filter) 
    Sets the current file filter. The file filter is used by the file chooser to filter out files from the user's view.
 public  void setFileHidingEnabled(boolean b) 
    Sets file hiding on or off. If true, hidden files are not shown in the file chooser. The job of determining which files are shown is done by the FileView.
 public  void setFileSelectionMode(int mode) 
    Sets the JFileChooser to allow the user to just select files, just select directories, or select both files and directories. The default is JFilesChooser.FILES_ONLY.
 public  void setFileSystemView(FileSystemView fsv) 
    Sets the file system view that the JFileChooser uses for accessing and creating file system resources, such as finding the floppy drive and getting a list of root drives.
 public  void setFileView(FileView fileView) 
    Sets the file view to used to retrieve UI information, such as the icon that represents a file or the type description of a file.
 public  void setMultiSelectionEnabled(boolean b) 
    Sets the file chooser to allow multiple file selections.
 public  void setSelectedFile(File file) 
    Sets the selected file. If the file's parent directory is not the current directory, changes the current directory to be the file's parent directory.
 public  void setSelectedFiles(File[] selectedFiles) 
    Sets the list of selected files if the file chooser is set to allow multiple selection.
 protected  void setup(FileSystemView view) 
    Performs common constructor initialization and setup.
 public int showDialog(Component parent,
    String approveButtonText) throws HeadlessException 
    Pops a custom file chooser dialog with a custom approve button. For example, the following code pops up a file chooser with a "Run Application" button (instead of the normal "Save" or "Open" button):
    filechooser.showDialog(parentFrame, "Run Application");
    Alternatively, the following code does the same thing:
       JFileChooser chooser = new JFileChooser(null);
       chooser.setApproveButtonText("Run Application");
       chooser.showDialog(parentFrame, null);

    The parent argument determines two things: the frame on which the open dialog depends and the component whose position the look and feel should consider when placing the dialog. If the parent is a Frame object (such as a JFrame) then the dialog depends on the frame and the look and feel positions the dialog relative to the frame (for example, centered over the frame). If the parent is a component, then the dialog depends on the frame containing the component, and is positioned relative to the component (for example, centered over the component). If the parent is null, then the dialog depends on no visible window, and it's placed in a look-and-feel-dependent position such as the center of the screen.

 public int showOpenDialog(Component parent) throws HeadlessException 
    Pops up an "Open File" file chooser dialog. Note that the text that appears in the approve button is determined by the L&F.
 public int showSaveDialog(Component parent) throws HeadlessException 
    Pops up a "Save File" file chooser dialog. Note that the text that appears in the approve button is determined by the L&F.
 public  void updateUI() 
    Resets the UI property to a value from the current look and feel.