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class: JLabel.AccessibleJLabel.LabelKeyBinding [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

Field Summary
 int mnemonic     
 LabelKeyBinding(int mnemonic) 
Method from javax.swing.JLabel$AccessibleJLabel$LabelKeyBinding Summary:
getAccessibleKeyBinding,   getAccessibleKeyBindingCount
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Method from javax.swing.JLabel$AccessibleJLabel$LabelKeyBinding Detail:
 public Object getAccessibleKeyBinding(int i) 
    Returns a key binding for this object. The value returned is an java.lang.Object which must be cast to appropriate type depending on the underlying implementation of the key. For example, if the Object returned is a javax.swing.KeyStroke, the user of this method should do the following: Component c = AccessibleContext ac = c.getAccessibleContext(); AccessibleKeyBinding akb = ac.getAccessibleKeyBinding(); for (int i = 0; i < akb.getAccessibleKeyBindingCount(); i++) { Object o = akb.getAccessibleKeyBinding(i); if (o instanceof javax.swing.KeyStroke) { javax.swing.KeyStroke keyStroke = (javax.swing.KeyStroke)o; } }
 public int getAccessibleKeyBindingCount() 
    Returns the number of key bindings for this object