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class: JSpinner.ListEditor.ListFormatter [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

ListFormatter provides completion while text is being input into the JFormattedTextField. Completion is only done if the user is inserting text at the end of the document. Completion is done by way of the SpinnerListModel method findNextMatch.
Method from javax.swing.JSpinner$ListEditor$ListFormatter Summary:
getDocumentFilter,   stringToValue,   valueToString
Methods from javax.swing.JFormattedTextField$AbstractFormatter:
clone,   getActions,   getDocumentFilter,   getFormattedTextField,   getNavigationFilter,   install,   invalidEdit,   setEditValid,   stringToValue,   uninstall,   valueToString
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Method from javax.swing.JSpinner$ListEditor$ListFormatter Detail:
 protected DocumentFilter getDocumentFilter() 
 public Object stringToValue(String string) throws ParseException 
 public String valueToString(Object value) throws ParseException